How to Beat Stress if You’re a Philosophy Graduate

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If you’re a student of philosophy or thinking of majoring in the subject, you probably know how it feels to be at the receiving end of pitying or scornful looks. You may not mind so much because you wanted to study this major or because it was the only choice you had that was financially and otherwise viable. But if you’re stressed over worries about your future employability, here’s how you can shrug off the tension and look forward to a bright future:

  • Think ahead: Even though it’s not a major that many would choose today, philosophy is still a discipline that’s going strong in many colleges and universities. And although it may seem like it’s out of the running (what with engineering and management pushing it to the back seat), most people don’t realize that philosophy graduates are enjoying their moment in the sun with fields that require analytical reasoning snapping them up as soon as they graduate or within six months of graduation. In particular, the disciplines that prefer to employ philosophy graduates are finance, property development, business and research, health and social work, sales and retail, management and administration, manufacturing, catering, and even personal services (see below for a full list). Depending on your commitment to the job and your capabilities and skills, it’s easy to climb the professional ladder with a degree in philosophy.
  • Remember your goals: You may have chosen philosophy because you’re not keen on the rat race that management and engineering graduates seem to be running all the time. You don’t want to be a standard hamster on a wheel; instead, you prefer to take a more reflective approach to life and are aiming for a vocation that’s not stressful and which will allow you to earn a decent amount at a decent pace. So whenever you feel the tension creeping up, take time to reassess your goals and take pride in them.
  • Consider a post graduate degree: There’s nothing like academia to neutralize the stress associated with entering the world of employment. If you’re not yet ready to settle for a nine-to-five job, bolster your resume with a master’s and even doctoral degree. Once you’re armed with these, it’s easier to find a job that pays well and that’s right up your alley.

Philosophy majors graduate knowing how to communicate well, being able to analyze and evaluate problems, think clearly and over a wide range of subjects, and take decisions that are logically rational and financially viable. And when you use these to your advantage, it’s easy to beat stress and get ahead in the employment sector.


Here are the occupational groups in which Philosophy graduates typically first gain employment.

  • Clerical & Secretarial
  • Associate Professional & Technical Occ’s
  • Management & Administration
  • Sales
  • Personal Services
  • Professional Occupations


These are the typical first employers of Philosophy graduates.

  • Business & Research
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Health & Social Work
  • Public Administration
  • Community, Social & Personal Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Hotels & Restaurants

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