Special collection of scholarly articles on LGBT studies

June is LGBT Pride Month and in honor and celebration, we’re releasing a special collection of articles from top academic journals to continue the necessary conversation on LGBT rights, awareness, and support. Over 70 articles and book chapters will be free for the month of June.

Join us as we navigate the ethical, social, and philosophical considerations of the LGBT Community. If you’re interested in reading the blog posts written by experts in the LGBT community, please see the main pages of our blog.

Biomedical EthicsFamily/ChildFilm, Television, and Media StudiesEducation and the ClassroomSocial and Cultural ConsiderationsHuman Sexuality

Biomedical Ethics

Special Issue: LGBT Bioethics: Visibility, Disparities, and Dialogue The Hastings Center Report

Urban high school students’ learning about HIV/AIDS in different contexts Science Education

The Ethics of Genetic Research on Sexual Orientation The Hastings Center Report

The Ethics of Conversion Therapy Bioethics

Assisted Gestation and Transgender Women Bioethics

‘An individual of ill-defined type’ (‘Un individu d’un genre mal défini’): Hermaphroditism in Marriage Annulment Proceedings in Nineteenth-Century France Gender & History


Outing Heteronormativity in Interpersonal and Family Communication: Feminist Applications of Queer Theory “Beyond the Sexy Streets”  Communication Theory

Lesbian Mothers and Child Custody: Australian Debates in the 1970s (pages 502–517) Gender & History

Same-Sex Relationships and Women with Intellectual Disabilities Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities

Social exclusion, absenteeism and sexual minority youth Support for Learning

Pushing the Limits of Liberalism: Queerness, Children, and the Future Educational Theory

The ‘Futures’ of Queer Children and the Common School ideal Journal of Philosophy of Education

Virtual Issue: Sexual and Gender Diversity Journal of Marriage and Family

“Am I Doing the Right Thing?”: Pathways to Parenting a Gender Variant Child Family Process

The Positive Aspects of Being the Parent of an LGBTQ Child Family Process

How Queer!—The Development of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in LGBTQ-Headed Families Family Process

Reminders of Heteronormativity: Gay Adoptive Fathers Navigating Uninvited Social Interactions Family Relations

Work Conditions and Mental Health in Lesbian and Gay Dual-Earner Parents Family Relations

Incorporating LGBTQ Issues into Family Courses: Instructor Challenges and Strategies Relative to Perceived Teaching Climate Family Relations

My Two Moms: Disability, Queer Kinship, and the Maternal Subject Hypatia

The Queer and the Innocent: Rethinking Queer Theory’s Child through the JT LeRoy Literary Hoax (pg. 760-779) Journal of Popular Culture

Same-Sex Marriage: Not a Threat to Marriage or Children Journal of Social Philosophy

Ethics, Sexual Orientation, and Choices about Children by Timothy F. Murphy, 2012 Cambridge, MA: MIT Press 200 pp. Journal of Applied Philosophy

Same-sex Marriage: Not a Threat to Marriage or Children Journal of Social Philosophy

“Same-Sex Families” The Wiley Blackwell Companion to the Sociology of Families

“Same Sex Families” Future Families

“Sexual Orientation, Marriage and Parenthood” Contemporary Issues in Family Studies

Film, Television, and Media Studies

“Queer Identity Management and Political Self-Expression on Social Networking Sites: A Co-Cultural Approach to the Spiral of Silence” Journal of Communication

“No Overly Suggestive Photos of Any Kind”: Content Management and the Policing of Self in Gay Digital Communities Communication, Culture & Critique

Responding to Offending Images in the Digital Age: Censorious and Satirical Discourses in LGBT Media Activism Communication, Culture & Critique

Intersectionality and Quare Theory: Fantasizing African American Male Same-Sex Relationships in Noah’s Arc: Jumping the BroomCommunication, Culture & Critique

Relationship Preferences Among Gay and Lesbian Online Daters: Individual and Contextual Influences Journal of Marriage and Family

Buffoon Men: Classic Hollywood Comedians and Queered Masculinity (pages 431–432) Journal of American Culture

Queer Love in Film and Television: Critical Essays (pages 244–245) Journal of American Culture

A Queer Telenovela: Transformative Representations of the Maricón and the Macho in Ugly Betty (pages 328–340) Journal of Popular Culture

Generative Motion: Queer Ecology and Avatar (pages 341–354) Journal of Popular Culture

Laughing All the Way to Tolerance? Mexican Comedic Telenovelas as Vehicles for Lessons Against HomophobiaThe Latin Americanist

Authorial Declaration and Extreme Actual Intentionalism: Is Dumbledore Gay? The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

Education and the Classroom

‘No Outsiders’: Moving beyond a discourse of tolerance to challenge heteronormativity in primary schools British Educational Research Journal

The declining significance of homohysteria for male students in three sixth forms in the south of England British Educational Research Journal

Analyzing Talk in a Long-Term Literature Discussion Group: Ways of Operating Within LGBT-Inclusive and Queer Discourses Reading Research Quarterly

“You’re Wearing Kurt’s Necklace!” The Rhetorical Power of Glee in the Literacy Classroom Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy

Moving Beyond the Inclusion of LGBT-Themed Literature in English Language Arts Classrooms: Interrogating Heteronormativity and Exploring Intersectionality Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy

Culturally Diverse Literature: Enriching Variety in an Era of Common Core State Standards The Reading Teacher

Telling our story: a narrative therapy approach to helping lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people with a learning disability identify and strengthen positive self-identity stories British Journal of Learning Disabilities

“So, You Think You Have a History?”: Taking a Q from Lesbian and Gay Studies in Writing Education History History of Education

Special Issue: Lesbian and gay issues in art, design and media education International Journal of Art & Design Education

Queering High School Biology Textbooks Journal of Research in Science Teaching

Social and Cultural Considerations

Labelling and discrimination: Do homophobic epithets undermine fair distribution of resources? British Journal of Social Psychology

Organizational Communication Meets Queer Theory: Theorizing Relations of “Difference” Differently” Communication Theory

Queer Tales of Morality: The Press, Same-Sex Marriage, and Hegemonic Framing Journal of Communication

A “Post-Gay” Era? Media Gaystreaming, Homonormativity, and the Politics of LGBT Integration Communication, Culture & Critique

Resurrecting Camp: Rethinking the Queer Sensibility Communication, Culture & Critique

Motives of Heterosexual Allies in Collective Action for Equality Journal of Social Issues

Special Issue: LGBT Rights Journal of Social Issues

Reconciling Spiritual Values Conflicts for Counselors and Lesbian and Gay Clients Adultspan Journal

“Different Love?”: Introducing the Trans/Queer Issue Journal of Popular Music Studies

The Post-Raciality and Post-Spatiality of Calls for LGBTQ and Disability Visibility Hypatia

Just Queer Folks: Gender and Sexuality in Rural America (pages 365–366) The Journal of American Culture

Okinawan Peruvian Poet’s Gender Performativity: On “Diario de la mujer es ponja” by Doris Moromisato The Americanist

Slurring Perspectives Analytic Philosophy

Whose Rights, Which Rights? – The United Nations, the Vatican, Gender and Sexual and Reproductive Rights The Hyethrop Journal

The Queer Bible Commentary. Edited by Deryn Guest, Robert E Goss, Mona West, Thomas Bohache The Hyethrop Journal

The Difference Sameness Makes: Objectification, Sex Work, and Queerness Hypatia

Bad Romance: A Crip Feminist Critique of Queer Failure Hypatia

Justification and Queer Method, or Leaving Philosophy Hypatia

The Transnational Homophile Movement and the Development of Domesticity in Mexico City’s Homosexual Community, 1930–70 (pages 519–544) Gender & History

‘Dark Ecstasies’: Sex, Mysticism and Psychology in Early Twentieth-Century England (pages 652–667) Gender & History

Common Soldiers, Same-Sex Love and Religion in the Early Eighteenth-Century British Army (pages 637–651) Gender & History

Special Issue: Symposium: World, City, Queer Antipode

Gay and Lesbian/Queer Markets/Marketing, The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Consumption and Consumer Studies

Gender, Intersectionality, Sexuality and Psychological Therapies

Introducing ‘Yan Daudu, Allah Made Us: Sexual Outlaws in an Islamic African City

Human Sexuality

The Homeric Age: Epic Sexuality, Sexuality in Greek and Roman Culture, 2E

Theoretical Perspectives on Human Sexuality, The Psychology of Human Sexuality

Culture and Sexuality, The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality

Gender and Performativity, The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality

Body Parts: Who Has What and How it Works, 50 Great Myths of Human Sexuality

“Witches, Female Priests and Sacred Manoeuvres: (De)Stabilising Gender and Sexuality in a Cuban Religion of African Origin (pages 425–444)” Gender & History

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  1. Hello I am running the library a in Outhouse, a resource for providing a safe place for people who are LGBT, I am creating an online resource for visitor to the Library of article dealing with LGBT matters. We are primarily a volunteer based organisation. I was wondering if it would be possible to download your LGBT articles for the Library.

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