New Website for Wiley’s Compass Journals

We’re excited to announce a new publications hub for Wiley’s Compass journals:

The new site provides a unified web presence for our cutting-edge review journals in the social sciences and humanities. It will improve the discoverability of related content across all eight publications.

Launched in 2003, Compass journals are online-only resources that combine the speed of an academic journal with the breadth of focus of reference works. The journals publish original, peer-reviewed survey articles summarizing the state of the field for non-specialists. Recently, several journals have begun to publish original research as well. Compass journals cover eight core disciplines: Geography, History, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Social and Personality Psychology, and Sociology.

Each year, Compass journals publish a combined 400 articles and receive more than 2 million downloads from readers around the world. Compass journals are a valuable resource for scholars, grad students, teachers, advanced undergraduates, and anyone who’d like to learn more about a specific area of research. Further, many contributions appeal to a wide interdisciplinary audience. For example, readers looking at mental health and race will find relevant material in all eight journals. Similarly, issues of rural poverty or the history, politics, and effectiveness of protest action groups are covered by all the Compass journals in different aspects.

The new Compass hub will help highlight this interdisciplinary material to readers, opening up thematic connections and topics of interest to diverse audiences.

Author: hendrickphilosophy

Wiley Marketer for Philosophy and the Humanities,

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