The Call of Silence

the debateWhat if silence was the route for understanding and theorizing a better world? In a recent debate done at the Institute of Art and Ideas, an author, a former priest, a philosopher of language and musician weigh in on how silence can be a means to approaching deep philosophical puzzles. Is there an implication within silence that necessitates an understanding of society or is it that silence leads to answers? There are three parts to the debate; Unspeakable things, Beyond words, and can silence change the world?

To watch the debate, click here:  The Institute of Art and Ideas (IAI) is committed to fostering a progressive and vibrant intellectual culture in the UK. A not-for-profit organization, it is engaged in changing the current cultural landscape through big ideas, boundary-pushing thinkers and challenging debates.

Author: klynch618

I <3 the Humanities & life-long learning.

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