Happy World Philosophy Day!

November 19, 2015 is the tenth World Philosophy Day. Join us by reading curated Wiley scholarly works on philosophy, then in dialog on Twitter @PhilosophersEye or in the comments section.

November 19th marks the tenth annual World Philosophy Day. Established by UNESCO in 2005, this day calls to attention “the enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought, for each culture and for each individual.”

In conjunction with UNESCO’s roundtable debate on plurality of languages and places of philosophy, we’ve organized a special collection of philosophical scholarship from our wide portfolio of journals, free to read for 30 days.

Please read and share, then join us in dialog on Twitter @PhilosophersEye.  


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Topic 1 // Philosophy in Non-Western Cultures

Knowledge and dissemination of philosophical thought of non-Western cultures, especially through new technologies.

Emerging Technologies and the Future of Philosophy by Philippe Verdoux



Gettier Across Cultures by Edouard Machery, Stephen Stich, David Rose, Amita Chatterjee, Kaori Karasawa, Noel Struchiner, Smita Sirker, Naoki Usui, and Takaaki Hashimoto



Aristotelian Casuistry: Getting into the Thick of Global Media Ethics by Sandra L. Borden
Communication Theory

Logicality and Regulatory Ethics: Lessons from the Bucharest Early Intervention Project by Joseph J. Fins, The Hastings Center Report


Topic 2 //Philosophy Beyond the Desk

Philosophy outside of the academic enclosure, using new places and formats.


Race, Religion, and Ethics in the Modern/Colonial World by Nelson Maldonado-Torres

Journal of Religious Ethics


Josef Fuchs’ Revised Natural Law: Possibilities for Social Ethics by James P. O’Sullivan

New Blackfriars


Renegotiating Aquinas: Catholic Feminist Ethics, Postmodernism, Realism, and Faith by Lisa Sowle Cahill

Journal of Religious Ethics


On Cultivating the Courage to Speak Up: The Critical Role of Attendings in the Moral Development of Physicians in Training by Divya Yerramilli

The Hastings Center Report


Topic 3 // Reimagining Philosophical Learning

The variety of places and forms of teaching and learning philosophy.


Teaching an Introduction to the Global Philosophy of Religion by Nathan Loewen

Teaching Theology & Religion


Heidegger, Education and the ‘Cult of the Authentic’ by Ben Trubody

Journal of Philosophy of Education


Pedagogy of the Impossible: Žižek in the Classroom by Chris McMillan

Educational Theory


Teaching Bioethics at the Secondary School Level by Laura J. Bishop and Lola Szobota

The Hastings Center Report

Ancient Philosophy

Want more philosophy?

Read the first Virtual Issue on Ancient Philosophy from the Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies – now available for free.

World Philosophy Day

World Philosophy Day2012 marks the tenth anniversary of World Philosophy Day, an all-day event sponsored by UNESCO with international, national and local events centered around the theme of “Future Generations.”

According to UNESCO, this year’s theme is particularly timely, as “global concern for sustainable development has given increased pertinence to the interests and moral standing of future generations.

These questions are profoundly philosophical. They concern communication between beings who cannot talk to one another; identities, as extended in time and space; the scope and power of the moral imagination; and of course the ethical issue of responsibility.”

Also, check out the online event that we ran last year as part of World Philosophy Day; a series of five leading-edge opinion pieces exploring the theme ‘The Future of Philosophy’, from Robert Stern, Vincent Hendricks, Tim Mulgan, Matti Eklund and Luciano Floridi.

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