World, City, Queer

World, City, Queer” is a collection of papers edited by Natalie Oswin (McGill University, Canada).

While scholars have become increasingly attuned to the geographies of LGBT in/tolerance across the world’s countries, the ways in which the global and national dimensions of LGBT politics are tied to the world’s cities have received limited attention. This is a particularly important omission since we are seeing sexual difference increasingly marshalled as a symbol of “progress” and “modernity” for the purposes of fostering national and urban competitiveness in various contexts. The symposium puts work on sexuality and the city into conversation with debates on global urbanism to provide a framework for understanding the “worlding” of queerness that focuses on the relationships between globalization, urbanization and sexual politics.

Last year Natalie and Bobby Benedicto (McGill University, Canada) received an International Workshop Award from the Antipode Foundation (, enabling them to continue this conversation.

00664812Antipode Special Issue: World, City, Queer

World, City, Queer
Natalie Oswin (McGill University)

Queer Worldings: The Messy Art of Being Global in Manila and New York
Martin F. Manalansan IV (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

The Queer Afterlife of the Postcolonial City: (Trans)gender Performance and the War of Beautification
Bobby Benedicto (McGill University)

Welcoming the World? Hospitality, Homonationalism, and the London 2012 Olympics
Phil Hubbard (University of Kent) and Eleanor Wilkinson (University of Leeds)

Pinkwashing, Homonationalism, and Israel-Palestine: The Conceits of Queer Theory and the Politics of the Ordinary
Jason Ritchie (Florida International University)

Queering Critiques of Neoliberalism in India: Urbanism and Inequality in the Era of Transnational “LGBTQ” Rights
Svati P. Shah (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Buenos Aires Beyond (Homo)Sexualized Urban Entrepreneurialism: The Geographies of Queered Tango
J. Miguel Kanai (University of Miami)

Limits of Dissent, Perils of Activism: Spaces of Resistance and the New Security Logic (pages 671–688)
Merav Amir and Hagar Kotef

Economic Crisis, (Creative) Destruction, and the Current Urban Condition (pages 689–707)
Ståle Holgersen

Class Meets Land: The Social Mobilization of Land as Catalyst for Urban Change (pages 708–729)
Maria Kaika and Luca Ruggiero

The Crumbling Fortress: Territory, Access, and Subjectivity Production in Waza National Park, Northern Cameroon (pages 730–747)
Alice B. Kelly

The Elusive Inclusive: Black Food Geographies and Racialized Food Spaces (pages 748–769)
Margaret Marietta Ramírez

Rêve Général Illimité? The Role of Creative Protest in Transforming the Dynamics of Space and Time During the 2012 Quebec Student Strike (pages 770–791)
Jennifer Beth Spiegel

Wasted Life: Labour, Liveliness, and the Production of Value (pages 792–811)
Anna Stanley

Food Co-ops and the Paradox of Exclusivity (pages 812–828)
Andrew Zitcer