Philosophical Investigations – Free Special Issue

Virtual Issue: Philosophical Investigations from past to present

Founded in 1978 and associated with the British Wittgenstein Society, Philosophical Investigations is published quarterly by Wiley-Blackwell. This international journal features articles, discussions, critical notices and reviews covering every branch of philosophy. Whether focusing on traditional or on new aspects of the subject, it offers thought-provoking articles and maintains a lively readership with an acclaimed discussion section and wide-ranging book reviews.

In this exciting virtual issue, the editorial team have selected some of the best articles, critical notices and reviews published in Philosophical Investigations from 1980 to the present day. We are confident that you will find this virtual issue interesting and informative. See below for a full list of articles, critical notices and reviews. Continue reading “Philosophical Investigations – Free Special Issue”

The Moral Import of Pop Music

In a recent article for The American Roger Scruton argued that we should be selective of what music we should listen to because, he suggests, different music genres have a certain moral character that may alter that may in the course of time have a positive or negative impact on the moral development of listeners. Scruton claims that some of the terms we use to describe music (e.g. gentle, bold, etc.) indicate that we make a moral assessment of what is expressed by music. Additionally, just as our character is impacted by the kind of company we keep so it is also affected by the kind of music we listen to. Continue reading “The Moral Import of Pop Music”

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