Philosophical Investigations – Free Special Issue

Virtual Issue: Philosophical Investigations from past to present

Founded in 1978 and associated with the British Wittgenstein Society, Philosophical Investigations is published quarterly by Wiley-Blackwell. This international journal features articles, discussions, critical notices and reviews covering every branch of philosophy. Whether focusing on traditional or on new aspects of the subject, it offers thought-provoking articles and maintains a lively readership with an acclaimed discussion section and wide-ranging book reviews.

In this exciting virtual issue, the editorial team have selected some of the best articles, critical notices and reviews published in Philosophical Investigations from 1980 to the present day. We are confident that you will find this virtual issue interesting and informative. See below for a full list of articles, critical notices and reviews. Continue reading “Philosophical Investigations – Free Special Issue”

Interview: The Rorty Reader

Chris VoparilChristopher J. Voparil is on the Graduate Faculty of Union Institute & University, where he teaches philosophy and political theory.  He is the co-editor (with Richard J. Bernstein) of The Rorty Reader, and author of Richard Rorty:  Politics and Vision, and articles in Contemporary Pragmatism, Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Philosophy and Social Criticism, and Education and Culture. He is currently Secretary of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy.  In this interview, Chris talks about the philosophy and politics of Richard Rorty and why they are relevant today.

Philosopher’s Eye: Why did you decide to edit The Rorty Reader?

Chris Voparil: The original idea was mostly about accessibility.  Most of Rorty’s work is widely available, but I would hear often from colleagues who wanted to teach Rorty about the challenges associated with his work being spread across so many volumes.  He wrote stand-alone books, like Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity and Achieving Our Country. But most of his collections of philosophical papers are grouped by time period Continue reading “Interview: The Rorty Reader”

Something from the archives

Archive of Richard Rorty’s contributions over at the London Review of Books. All of Rorty’s contributions to the fortnightly magazine are available online, most of them for free. Other famous philosophers whose work is archived include A. J. Ayer, Thomas Nagel, Bernard Williams and Terry Eagleton; see here for a full list of contributors. Continue reading “Something from the archives”

FREE Syllabus: Moral Realism and Moral Nonnaturalism

FREE PDFTeaching & Learning Guide for: Moral Realism and Moral Nonnaturalism
By Stephen Finlay and Terence Cuneo, University of Southern California Calvin College (April 2008)


Sections: Ethics
Theoretical Ethics, Philosophy, Ethics
2000 – present
Key Topics: normativity, naturalism, pragmatism, good, value, morality

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