“Unsettling Science and Religion: Contributions and Questions from Queer Studies”

“Unsettling Science and Religion: Contributions and Questions from Queer Studies”

IRAS, August 8-15, Star Island, NH – Event Registration

Call for Papers – More Information

ZygonQueer studies, the critical philosophical approach initiated by Michel Foucault and taken up by a number of contemporary thinkers, builds upon research in the biological sciences to challenge the assumptions of heterosexuality, monogamy, gender, and sexual dimorphism as not founded in “naturally occurring” categories but instead as cultural constructs, created through time, traditions, politics, and power dynamics. At its most basic level, it suggests that reality is more complex and far stranger than any thought, idea, system, or belief can capture. It aims at continuing conversations and explorations of the world in which we live, rather than arriving at any final conclusions.

The aim of the 2015 IRAS conference is to borrow the techniques and challenges from within queer studies and queer theory, with the goal of unsettling—or “queering”—our own discipline(s). To this end, we call for papers and posters on topics at the intersection of religion, science, and queer theory. This might include ways to challenge the boundaries within and between religion and science, and/or between and within the academy, as well as the boundaries of the sacred and secular, of reason and faith. Ultimately, we want to ask how queer religion, science and philosophy, can and/or should be.

More information about the 2015 conference can be found at: http://www.iras.org/.

Confirmed keynote speakers include: Carol Wayne White, Karen Barad, Fern Feldman, Catherine Keller, Laurel Schneider, Emilie Townes, Whitney Bauman, Lisa Stenmark, and Chapel Coordinator Donna Schaper.


Edited By: Willem B. Drees, Tilburg University

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Call for Papers – Bioethics IAB 12th World Congress 2014

Bioethics Call for Papers IAB 12th World Congress, 2014

Bioethics Special Issue
Publication September 2015

Bioethics Journal—call for papers

The Editors of Bioethics are pleased to announce a special issue in 2015 featuring papers selected from those presented at the 12th World Congress of the International Association of Bioethics, June 2014, in Mexico City.

We invite all presenters at the conference to consider submitting their papers for selection.

Upon submission authors should include full contact details (especially e-mail address), a brief abstract of approximately 250 words and a few lines of biographical information all in a single electronic file.  we discourage papers of more than 5,000 words.

For further submission requirements, including format and referencing style, please refer back to Author Guidelines on the Bioethics website.

Manuscripts should be submitted to Bioethics online at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/biot

Please ensure that you select manuscript type ‘Special Issue’ and state that it is for the IAB Special Issue when prompted.

Call for Papers – Critical Philosophy of Race: Beyond the USA

Call for papers for a proposed special issue of the Journal of Applied Philosophy.

japp-coverSince the publication in 1992 of Professor Kwame Anthony Appiah’s In My Father’s House: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture, the new discipline of the Critical Philosophy of Race has flourished among anglophone ‘analytic’ philosophers. Yet Critical Philosophers of Race have tended to confine themselves to an analysis of racial problems that arise in the politics, and against the historical background, of the USA. This focus has given the false impression that the Critical Philosophy of Race is irrelevant outside the USA. To challenge this false impression, the Journal of Applied Philosophy proposes to publish a special issue, guest edited by Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman (UCL) and Albert Atkin (Macquarie), on the relevance of the Critical Philosophy of Race beyond the US experience.

Deadline for submissions: 31 January 2015.

Please address any initial enquiries about submissions to the guest editors:
Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman n.coleman@ucl.ac.uk
Albert Atkin albert.atkin@mq.edu.au

Submissions should be sent to jap@appliedphil.org

Guidelines for submissions can be found here.

Call for Papers: The Metaphysics of Time and Modality

Thought: A Journal of PhilosophyFor this special issue of Thought we invite papers that make a contribution to either the metaphysics of time or of modality, or that illuminate the connections between them.

Metaphysicians of modality argue over whether ontology extends beyond the actual just as metaphysicians of time argue over whether ontology extends beyond the present; and we might also ask whether it is a stable position to hold that reality includes the non-present but not the non-actual. There are modal analogues of McTaggart’s infamous argument for the unreality of time, and we can ask whether the modal and temporal arguments stand or fall together. We might wonder whether trans-world identity should be treated differently from identity across time, and whether if existence is contingent it must also be temporary, etc.

Papers should correspond to the standard Thought guidelines and be no longer than 4500 words, including footnotes. Papers are to be submitted before 31st May 2013. When submitting please ensure you select article type as “The Metaphysics of Time and Modality Special Issue” to ensure your paper is reviewed via the special issue route.

Please see Author Guidelines for details on how to submit.

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