Lost Wittgenstein Writings Unearthed

Christiaan Tonnis ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein / Pencil on board / 1985

It is 60 years to the day since Ludwig Wittgenstein died. What better way to mark the occasion than to rediscover an archive of the enigmatic philosopher’s work?

The University of Cambridge announced this week the existence of an archive consisting of two boxes of Wittgenstein’s manuscripts and papers, which after careful examination and preparation by Professor Arthur Gibson, is hoped to be published within the year. The collection, totaling 150,000 words, reportedly contains the work now posthumously published as the Brown Book, complete with a revised opening and 60 added pages of manuscript. An emergent exercise book with ‘a pinkish cover’ is also said to be included in the archive, which may be what has come to be known by scholars as the Pink Book, a work that has so far eluded publication. Continue reading “Lost Wittgenstein Writings Unearthed”

Ludwig Wittgenstein Competition: ‘Wittgenstein Sixty Years On’

This spring marks 60 years since the death of Ludwig Wittgenstein on 29 April. A summary of events taking place over the next few months can be seen here.

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the death of Wittgenstein, the BWS is running a competition. Write an essay or a poem of no more than 1500 words on the theme: ‘Wittgenstein Sixty Years On‘ . It can be a personal view or you might like to try your hand at a little pastiche of Wittgenstein’s writing. You could outdo Michael Frayn by producing your own affectionate tribute along the same lines: a piece that reads like Wittgenstein whilst evidently being something wittily different.

The winner will be invited to attend the BWS annual conference in Gregynog (see opposite) where they will read out their essay, poem or pastiche. A selection of entries will also be published on the website. The deadline is 15 June. Please send entries as email attachments to bws@herts.ac.uk. Entries will be judged by the Executive Committee. Results will be announced by end of June. (Prize includes conference registration fee, accommodation and all meals)

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