Philosophy of Religion

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Robert Campin - L' Annonciation - 1425
L’ Annonciation, Robert Campin (1425)

Articles by volume:

Volume 7 (2012)

Universalism and the Problem of Hell (pages 808–820)
Ioanna-Maria Patsalidou

Arendt and the Theological Significance of Natality (pages 762–771)
Mavis Louise Biss

Contemporary Philosophy of Mind and Buddhist Thought (pages 741–751)
John Spackman

Restricted Theological Voluntarism (pages 679–690)
Mark C. Murphy

Theories of Human Nature: Key Issues (pages 543–558)
Mikael Stenmark

Divine Revelation (pages 495–505)
Rolfe King

Is There a Distinctively Feminist Philosophy of Religion? (pages 422–435)
Elizabeth D. Burns

Cognitive Science and Religious Belief (pages 734–745)
Graham Wood

Naturalistic Explanation for Religious Belief (pages 552–563)
David Leech and Aku Visala

Anselmian Theism (pages 564–571)
Yujin Nagasawa

Teaching & Learning Guide for: Logic and Divine Simplicity (pages 572–574)
Anders Kraal

Logic and Divine Simplicity (pages 282–294)
Anders Kraal

Defining Miracles: Violations of the Laws of Nature (pages 133–141)
Morgan Luck

Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and Religion (pages 142–151)
Stig Børsen Hansen

Teaching and Learning Guide for: Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Religion (pages 509–512)
Stig Børsen Hansen

The Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism (pages 78–89)
Omar Mirza

Volume 6 (2011)

The Later Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Religion (pages 1013–1022)
Stig Børsen Hansen

Levinas and the Philosophy of Religion (pages 1023–1033)
Stephen Minister and Jackson Murtha

Cosmological Arguments from Contingency (pages 806–819)
Joshua Rasmussen

Centenary Perspectives on Austin Farrer: A Review Article (pages 820–829)
Robert MacSwain

Religious Belief and the Epistemology of Disagreement (pages 712–724)
Michael Thune

Skeptical Theism (p 611-623)
Justin P. McBraye

Anaxagoras Betwixt Parmenides and Plato
John E. Sisko

Religious Language (p 505-515)
Michael Scott

Kierkegaard’s Conception of God
Paul K. Moser, Mark L. McCreary

The Divine Attributes (p 78-90)
Nicholas Everitt

Volume 5 (2010)

Morality and Religion (p 1033-1043)
Tim Mawson

God and the Natural World in the Seventeenth Century: Space, Time, and Causality (p 859-872)
Geoffrey Gorham

Buck-Passing Accounts of Value
Jussi Suikkanen

Incarnation: Metaphysical Issues (p 703-714)
Robin Le Poidevin

The Problem of Natural Evil I: General Theistic Replies (p 533-559)
Luke Gelinas

The Problem of Natural Evil II: Hybrid Replies (p 560-574)
Luke Gelinas

Aristotelian Homonymy (p 575-585)
Julie Ward

Intelligent Design (p 586-597)
William Hasker

The Fine-Tuning Argument (p 271-286)
Neil A. Manson

Volume 3 (2008)

Higher-Order Ontological Arguments (p 1066-1078)
Graham Oppy

Dharmakīrti’s Dualism: Critical Reflections on a Buddhist Proof of Rebirth (p 1079-1096)
Dan Arnold

Religious Diversity and its Challenges to Religious Belief (p 830-853)
Nathan L. King

Creation, Actualization and God’s Choice among Possible Worlds (p 854-872)
Klaas J. Kraay

The Recent Revival of Cosmological Arguments (p 541-550)
David Alexander

Some Issues in Chinese Philosophy of Religion (p 551-569)
Xiaomei Yang

Following God without Belief: Moral Objections to Agnostic Religious Commitment (p 381-396)
Samantha Corte

After Freud: Phantasy and Imagination in the Philosophy of Religion (p 203-221)
Beverley Clack

Science and Religion: Philosophical Issues (p 222-230)
Alan G. Padgett

Belief, Providence and Eschatology: Some Philosophical Problems in Islamic Theism (p 231-253)
Imran Aijaz

The Realism/Anti-Realism Debate in Religion (p 254-272)
Clare McGraw

Volume 2 (2007)

Hume on Miracles: Interpretation and Criticism
James E. Taylor

Recent Thomistic Epistemology and Philosophy of Religion (p 517-533)
Paul Macdonald

Religion in the Public Square (p 129-140)
Edward Langerak

Volume 1 (2006)

Can Religious Experience Provide Justification for the Belief in God? The Debate in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy (p 640-661)
Kai-man Kwan

Philosophy of Action and Philosophy of Religion (p 662-670)
Stewart Goetz

The Philosophy of Religion: A Programmatic Overview (p 506-534)
John Bishop

Divinity, Incarnation and Intersubjectivity: On Ethical Formation and Spiritual Practice (p 335-356)
Pamela Sue Anderson

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