Naturalistic Philosophy

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Galileo Galilei and the Doge of Venice
Galileo Galilei and the Doge of Venice

Articles by volume:

Volume 7 (2012)

Neurolaw and Neuroprediction: Potential Promises and Perils (pages 631–642)
Thomas Nadelhoffer and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

Causation: Empirical Trends and Future Directions (pages 643–653)
David Rose and David Danks

Non-Traditional Factors in Judgments about Knowledge (pages 278–289)
Wesley Buckwalter

Do Animals Engage in Conceptual Thought? (pages 218–229)
Jacob Beck

Theories of Reference and Experimental Philosophy (pages 152–163)
James Genone

Volume 6 (2011)

Empirical Arguments for Group Minds: A Critical Appraisal (pages 630–639)
Robert D. Rupert

The Instrumental Value of Explanations (pages 539–551)
Tania Lombrozo

Naturalistic Explanation for Religious Belief (pages 552–563)
David Leech and Aku Visala

Volume 5 (2010)

What Experimental Evidence Shows Us about the Role of Emotions in Moral Judgement (pages 999–1012)
Heidi Maibom

Matter, Structure, and Change: Aspects of the Philosophy of Chemistry (pages 927–937)
Michael Weisberg and Paul Needham

Debunking Arguments and the Genealogy of Religion and Morality (pages 770–778)
Kelby Mason

Cognitive Science and the Naturalness of Religion (pages 779–792)
Robert N. McCauley and Emma Cohen

Philosophical Questions about the Nature of Willpower (pages 793–805)
Chandra Sekhar Sripada

Folk Psychology and Phenomenal Consciousness (pages 700–711)
Justin Sytsma

Experimental Philosophy and Free Will (p 199-212)
Tamler Sommers

Volume 4 (2009)

Reviving Whorf: The Return of Linguistic Relativity (p 1022-1032)
Maria Francisca Reines, Jesse Prinz


Volume 3 (2008)

Strategic Reliabilism: A Naturalistic Approach to Epistemology (p 1049-1065)
Michael A. Bishop, J. D. Trout

Object Perception: Vision and Audition (p 803-829)
Casey O’Callaghan

Experimental Philosophy of Science (p 507-521)
Paul E. Griffiths, Karola Stotz

Racial Cognition and the Ethics of Implicit Bias (p 522-540)
Daniel Kelly, Erica Roedder

Volume 2 (2007)

Decision-Making: A Neuroeconomic Perspective (p 939-953)
Benoit Hardy-Vallée

Implicature During Real Time Conversation: A View from Language Processing Research (p 475-496)
Julie C. Sedivy

Philosophical Issues Arising from Experimental Economics (p 497-507)
Zachary Ernst

Three Concepts of Causation (p 508-516)
Christopher Hitchcock

The Natural Philosophy of Agency (p 347-357)
Shaun Gallagher

Analytic Epistemology and Experimental Philosophy (p 56-80)
Joshua Alexander, Jonathan M. Weinberg

Experimental Philosophy (p 81-92)
Joshua Knobe

A Field Guide to Social Construction (p 93-108)
Ron Mallon

Volume 1 (2006)

The Ins and Outs of Introspection (p 617-630)
Philip Robbins

Desire (p 631-639)
Tim Schroeder

Ecology, Domain Specificity, and the Origins of Theory of Mind: Is Competition the Catalyst? (p 481-492)
Derek E. Lyons, Laurie R. Santos

Well-Being: Psychological Research for Philosophers (p 493-505)
Valerie Tiberius

Two Dogmas of Neo-Empiricism (p 398-412)
Edouard Machery

Fast and Frugal Heuristics (p 201-223)
Michael A. Bishop

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