Its a scientifically un-certain fact.

Its all so obvious.

We all know that science is a construct of unquestionable truth about the world.  This is drummed in to every school child, almost doctrinally, for several years (and, in this author’s experience, for an upsettingly long time at university as well).  Admittedly it is portrayed as an ever-changing, evolving truth, not only in the context of how each year the explanation of a particular concept is given increasingly refined detail, but also in how science is studied itself, moving from simpler concepts to more complex ones, leading us to wonder where the buck finally stops.  And that is usually conceived of as being someone, somewhere, even if they are Einstein-esque and would struggle to fill a string quartet with contemporaries who understand them, who really knows how something works, or is.  And that should be comforting to all budding scientists. Continue reading “Its a scientifically un-certain fact.”

Celebrity and the rise of pseudo-science

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In many increasingly secular Western countries, faith in religion seems to be losing ground to faith in science.  Although in itself worrying for some, I think both would find much more problematic the rise in the last decade of faith in celebrity.  Taking these stars of the sports field, airwaves and silver screen as our aspirational role models for all we wish to do and be, it seems impossible not to listen and take to heart what they say.  It’s just a shame it equally seems impossible to be in the public eye and not endorse a position a considerable distance from the mainstream.  The celebrity converts to scientology and other ‘unconventional’ religions are already well documented, and now, as we move into 2011, Sense About Science (SAS) have released their annual list of dubious endorsements made by the stars in the world of science.

Mocking Cheryl Cole’s ‘blood-group specific’ diet regime, Sarah Harding’s practice of Continue reading “Celebrity and the rise of pseudo-science”