LGBTQ Awareness & Education

Rounding out LGBTQ Pride Month, our final week is dedicated to LGBTQ Awareness & Education. We’ve unlocked a curated selection of research articles, which covers a wide array of topics such as intersectionality, gender identity, institutional inclusion, etc.

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Rounding out LGBTQ Pride Month, our final week is dedicated to LGBTQ Awareness & Education. We’ve unlocked a curated selection of research articles, which covers a wide array of topics such as intersectionality, gender identity, and institutional inclusion.

Enjoy this research freely through July 31, and don’t forget to comment and share below. Thanks for joining us as we continue the necessary conversation on LGBTQ rights, awareness, and support.

The importance of feeling sexually attractive: Can it predict an individual’s experience of their sexuality and sexual relationships across gender and sexual orientation? International Journal of Psychology | Early View

Complicating Counterspaces: Intersectionality and the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.  American Journal of Community Psychology | May 2016

Helping Gay and Lesbian Students Integrate Sexual and Religious Identities Journal of College Counseling | April 2016

Queering women, peace and security International Affairs | March 2016

Thriving and Adapting: Resilience, Sense of Community, and Syndemics among Young Black Gay and Bisexual Men American Journal of Community Psychology | March 2016

Educators’ Reports on Incidence of Harassment and Advocacy Toward LGBTQ Students Psychology in the Schools | February 2016

LGBT Populations in Studies of Urban Neighborhoods: Making the Invisible Visible City & Community | September 2015

Inclusive Classrooms for LGBTQ Students Using Linked Text Sets to Challenge the Hegemonic “Single Story” Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy| July/August 2015

Social Support Networks for LGBT Young Adults: Low Cost Strategies for Positive Adjustment Family Relations | July 2015

Extending Training in Multicultural Competencies to Include Individuals Identifying as Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual: Key Choice Points for Clinical Psychology Training Programs Clinical Psychology Science and Practice | June 2015

Gender, Naming, and Fluidity Dialog | June 2015

Quality LGBT Health Education: A Review of Key Reports and Webinars Clinical Psychology Science and Practice | June 2015

Toward Defining, Measuring, and Evaluating LGBT Cultural Competence for Psychologists Clinical Psychology Science and Practice | June 2015

My Soul to Take: A Phenomenology of the Struggle for an Authentic Gay Spirituality Counseling and Values | April 2015

LGBTQ Activist Organizations as ‘Respectably Queer’ in India: Contesting a Western View Gender, Work & Organization | January 2015

Medicine and Making Sense of Queer Lives Hastings Center Report | September 2014

Health Disparities among LGBT Older Adults and the Role of Nonconscious Bias Hastings Center Report | September 2014

‘Discourses of Desire:  Religion, Same-Sex Love and Secularisation in Britain, 1870-1930’ Gender & History | August 2014

Suicide Risk among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Military Personnel and Veterans: What Does the Literature Tell Us? Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior | April 2014

An Epistemology of Collusion:  Hijras, Kothis and the Historical (Dis)continuity of Gender/Sexual Identities in Eastern India Gender & History | November 2012

Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Paganism Religion Compass | August 2012

Queer Systems: The Benefits of a More Systematic Approach to Queer Theology CrossCurrents | March 2011

Gay Asian Masculinities and Christian Theologies CrossCurrents | January 2011

Epistemic Modernity and the Emergence of Homosexuality in China Gender & History | November 2010

Is it a choice? Sexual orientation as interpretation Journal of Social Philosophy | February 2009

Just joining us for LGBTQ Pride Month? Catch up on the original content and curated collections that we’ve released so far!

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People are people. And family is family. On Identity, Pride, and Coming Out- A Personal Essay



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LGBTQ Rights Special Collection: LGBTQ Rights

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