We asked you: What is the future of philosophy?

APA Philosophy Future Poster I v2

At this year’s APA Eastern Meeting, we asked you, “What you think is the future of philosophy?” and “What questions you might have for your peers?” Here’s what some of you had to say.


“The future of philosophy ought to be a more systematic engagement with the problems, challenges, and possibilities of globalized civilization – critically analyzing and constructively envisioning of the collective and sustainable future of humanity.”
David Sprintzen, Long Island University

Philosophy is fated to disappear, unless people will rediscover its value. But what is its value today? To ask, ‘what is its value’ is not the same as to ask ‘what is its use’. Or is it?”
– Anonymous

 “The discipline will continue to investigate itself – historically and demographically. More critical race and gender. More inclusive and more diverse styles of writing and topics.”
Storm Heter, East Stroudsburg University

I think that philosophy study will incorporate more from the sciences (natural and social sciences). But what exactly do philosophers make use of science requires more thinking.”
– Anonymous

“The future of philosophy will depend on the ability of philosophers and humanists to demonstrate the necessity of humanities and critical thought to a democratic society.”
Kevin Jobe, Morgan State University

“Since the Cold War, Philosophy has been separated from the Political World. The future will be the cooperation between the two worlds.”
– Anonymous

“The future is what philosophers must take seriously – expansion of applied philosophical dialogue with other disciplines – What is the value of philosophy in public space?”
John M. Abbarno, D’Youville College

“Content wise: smaller more focused work analog to normal science. Format wise: online books/articles”
– Anonymous

Missed your chance at APA Eastern? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Author: fifilenguyen

I am the Marketing Manager of Philosophy Journals at Wiley Blackwell.

6 thoughts on “We asked you: What is the future of philosophy?”

  1. In my view, philosophy is going to have to engage with Yoga — not the Western trivialized version, but the real thing — if it wants to make progress and continue to be engaging. The goal of living an examined life should be tied in with the larger goal of a full transformation of consciousness and life, and that larger goal should inform the way that philosophy is done.

  2. It was predominantly an academic/textbook selling endeavor at the recent multi-day conference #APPE2016 just held in Northern Virginia. It was not until the final day that young people who had been preparing for the Ethics Bowl had an opportunity to display the ethical argumentation skills they’d mastered.

    Outside of the input philosophers offer in government policy decisions, teaching the next generation practical skills for satisfactory dispute resolution, global negotiations, improved listening skills, and behaviors that leave room for disagreement without disrespectful responses.

  3. Philosophizing differs from philosophical argumentation based on learning the arguments and theories transferred to the actors by historical narratives of arguments and theories. The actors’ reasoning and theorizing habits are already conditioned by such learning and reasoning historically, while leaving the actors unable to respond to be be moved with auto-hetero affection to the untimely manifest of life; the touch of which is then moved to articulate for the appropriaton of this untimely sense; which is astonishing and paradoxical as it is simultaneously transcendental or trans-historical as well as immanent to the historical being of the actors.

  4. Philosophy got hijacked and turned into a commodity. The internet ( the new streets of Socrates ) painted with philosophers quoting each other for their own purpose and losing sight of the prize. Intellectually assaulted to the point that it’s pure, thought provoking properties have been exchanged for a dictionary of camouflage and vanity. So sayeth the cynic.

    And it’s a weeping tale of sorrow …

    Luckily, I’m of a cheesy, optimistic persuasion. It is STILL not too late to turn things around. To subtly nudge forward and onwards, to new levels of enlightenment … feasible, realistic and worthwhile.

    The most impressive aspect of philosophy is its true potential to save humanity.

    PEACE and LOVE!

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