The European Journal of Philosophy is growing!

In response to an increasing number of high-quality submissions, the journal has added 50% more pages per volume.
European Journal of Philosophy


‘Founded by Mark Sacks in 1993, the European Journal of Philosophy has come to occupy a distinctive and highly valued place amongst the philosophical journals. The aim of the EJP has been to bring together the best work from those working within the ‘analytic’ and ‘continental’ traditions, and to encourage connections between them, without diluting their respective priorities and concerns. This has enabled the EJP to publish a wide range of material of the highest standard from philosophers across the world, reflecting the best thinking from a variety of philosophical perspectives, in a way that is accessible to all of them.’

Robert Stern, former editor of EJP


The European Journal of Philosophy is proud to maintain a decision turn-around time of 8 weeks for all submitted manuscripts. Please see the Author Guidelines for more details.

Author: vjwhite91

Religion Journals Marketer Wiley, Inc.

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