“Reparative therapy” and Ethical Issues

LGBT Cover ImageFollowing the death of Leelah Alcorn, refreshed awareness and charge for a legal end to “reparative therapy” have come to main-stream attention.  The Huffington Post blog, It’s Time to Ban ‘Reparative Therapy’, styled as an FAQ to disseminate recent research on the topic, calls for greater awareness and legal action to end “reparative therapy” as unethical.

One of the sources, The Hastings Center Review, released a supplementary issue in September on the medical ethics within the LGBT community.  Touching upon the same topic as the Huffington Post, Ethical Issues Raised by the Treatment of Gender-Variant Prepubescent Children  attempts to clarify the best treatment practices for transgender individuals.

Interested? Read the article free here. The Hastings Center Report supplementary issue includes 10 additional articles relating to bioethics and medical treatment of LGBT.  Access the insightful full supplement here.

Author: klynch618

I <3 the Humanities & life-long learning.

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