Why submit your paper to Thought?

Thought: A Journal of Philosophy

Thought features a quick review time, with a commitment to giving authors a response within eight weeks. Thought is Thought: A Journal of Philosophyavailable with a free subscription through the end of 2014 to Libraries so your paper can be read more widely than in other journals.

All submissions are blind reviewed at all stages of the review process. Only papers that exemplify the highest standard of clarity will be published.

A unique reviewing system ensures that each published paper is double reviewed by experts in six relevant subcategories of research, each headed by a sub-editor:

– Philosophy of Logic (JC Beall)
– Philosophy of Maths (Richard Heck)
– Philosophy of Mind (Susanna Siegel )
– Epistemology (Joshua Schechter)
– Philosophy of Language (Richard Heck)
– Metaphysics (Ross Cameron)
– Value Theory (Ralph Wedgwood)

Please review the Thought author guidelines and submit your papers to: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tht

Author: klynch618

I <3 the Humanities & life-long learning.

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