Analytic Philosophy a “fruitless, self-deluding endeavor” says Peter Unger

In a recent interview with 3QuarksDaily, Peter Unger basically denounces the majority of mainstream analytic philosophy as empty of any meaningful content – nothing more than a specialist form of literature, really – enjoyable for certain people in the same way that chess, or logic puzzles, or bridge are enjoyable:

Philosophers easily get the idea that somehow or other, just by considering things about the world that they already know, they can write up deep stories which are true, or pretty nearly true, about how it is with the world…They think they can tell a deep story about how it is that all of this stuff really hangs together, that’s much deeper, more enlightening and more comprehensive than anything that any scientist can do.

Unger makes his case more fully in his new book, Empty Ideas: A Critique of Analytic Philosophy which is out in August.

Author: Mr Cooper

I am a teacher. I love THINGS. THINGS are the doorway into knowledge and understanding.

2 thoughts on “Analytic Philosophy a “fruitless, self-deluding endeavor” says Peter Unger”

  1. I think I basically agree with Unger. Analytical philosophy is boring stuff. I am happy I never went too far into it 🙂

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