Congratulations 2012 Philosopher’s Annual winners!

"The Liberal Arts and their Spirits" by Nikolas Gysis
“The Liberal Arts and their Spirits” by Nikolas Gysis

Each year, The Philosopher’s Annual faces the daunting task of selecting the 10 best articles in philosophy published that year. For 2012, they’ve chosen three articles from journals published by Wiley: Davide Enoch, Levi Spectre, and Talia Fisher’s article “Statistical Evidence, Sensitivity, and the Legal Value of Knowledge”  published in Philosophy and Public Affairs; Sarah Moss’s article “On the Pragmatics of Counterfactuals” published in Noûs; and  Jennifer Nagel’s article “Intuitions and Experiments: A Defense of the Case Method in Epistemology” published in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

Congratulations to David Enoch, Levi Spectre, Talia Fisher, Sarah Moss, Jennifer Nagel and to all the 2012 award winners!

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