Philosophers on Film: Emma Borg

Our showcase of the ‘Philosophers on Film’ series continues today with this interview with Prof Emma Borg, interviewed at the NIP Early Career Conference. The goal of the series is to help foster among the public a clearer idea of what pursuing philosophy involves today and what its contemporary practitioners are like.

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About the NIP: The Northern Institute of Philosophy (NIP) is dedicated to excellence in research in the core areas of analytic philosophy. Directed by Professor Crispin Wright, the Institute is home to teams of senior researchers, postdoctoral fellows and PhD students, working at the leading edge of contemporary philosophy to produce research of the highest standard. The Institute holds principles of collaboration in research to be paramount, both within and across Institute projects.

Author: Mr Cooper

I am a teacher. I love THINGS. THINGS are the doorway into knowledge and understanding.

One thought on “Philosophers on Film: Emma Borg”

  1. I’ve read many game design books here relentcy to teach myself about game design and totally agree with you that creating interesting decisions for the player is key to good game design. I’m currently in grad school and studying cognitive science this semester. I’m curious if you’ve ever looked into how fields like Human Factors or Human Computer Interaction approach decision making from a cognition perspective. I ask because I’m currently looking into this and find there is great information from cognitive science that could be useful for a game designer. Particularly:1)How people make decisions?2)How people store rules?3)Just a comment, but problem solving always comes before rules are stored in memory. So problem solving is a player in decision making. Just wanted to chime in here on your blog, since it seems we are searching for the same type of information and wanted to give you a heads up that there’s a lot in cognitive psychology/science that could help form some of your opinions about game design.

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