Hilary Putnam awarded The Rolf Schock Prize in Logic and Philosophy

Hilary Putnam, released by Dr. Putnam himself

Hilary Putnam is being awarded The Rolf Schock Prize in Logic and Philosophy 2011 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.The Rolf Schock Prize in Logic and Philosophy 2011 is being awarded to Hilary Putnam “for his contribution to the understanding of semantics for theoretical and ‘natural kind’ terms, and of the implications of this semantics for philosophy, theory of knowledge, philosophy of science and metaphysics“.

Hilary Putnam (b. July 31, 1926) is an American philosopher and mathematician who has been a central figure in analytic philosophy since the 1960s. He is most well know in the fields of philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and philosophy of science. Putnam is known for his willingness to apply an equal degree of scrutiny to his own philosophical positions as to those of others, subjecting each position to rigorous analysis until he exposes its flaws; as a result, he has acquired a reputation for frequently changing his own position.

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2 thoughts on “Hilary Putnam awarded The Rolf Schock Prize in Logic and Philosophy”

  1. Congratulations, Hilary and to the comittee who selected Professor Putnam to win this award. It is an excellent choice, very well deserved.


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